Payne Air Conditioners Price List

This Payne air conditioners list is the shortest one we offer! Currently, Payne makes just 2 models. The company is growing its market share and is expected to offer more models in the futures. For comparison, and for greater selection, see our air conditioner prices lists for York, Coleman, Rheem, American Standard, Lennox and other top brands in the industry. You may also want to peruse our HVAC reviews for more details on models you’re considering.

Here is an overview of the 2 Payne central air conditioners along with current prices. We also provide air conditioner prices in all our central air conditioner reviews, to give you all the data required to make an informed decision about your next AC.

Payne PA16NA Central Air Conditioner: 16 SEER, Energy Star, Single-stage

This unit offers good efficiency, and therefore is a good choice for warm climates. In very warm climates of the South, you may want to consider more efficient models from other brands. A 18-20 SEER AC might be a better choice where summers produce extreme heat and/or humidity. But this unit is a cost-effective choice in all but the warmest climates. Here are current prices.

2 ton Payne PA16NA air conditioner: $1,359

3 ton Payne PA16NA air conditioner: $1,579

4 ton Payne PA16NA air conditioner: $1,749

5 ton Payne PA16NA air conditioner: $1,989

Payne PA13NA Central Air Conditioner: 13 SEER, Single-stage

This unit is popular in regions with mild summers. It is also often chosen for installation where low cost is more important than high efficiency. For example, it’s low cost makes it a good choice for vacation homes or cabins that are used for a few weeks each summer. You might consider it for a guest apartment or workshop as well. Here are current prices for the Payne PA13NA.

2 ton Payne PA13NA air conditioner: $979

3 ton Payne PA13NA air conditioner: $1,159

4 ton Payne PA13NA air conditioner: $1,259

5 ton Payne PA13NA air conditioner: $1,429

Choosing a Payne Central Air Conditioner

The main attraction of the Payne ACs is their low prices. They are also quite dependable, and should give you 15-18 years of reliable service, possibly more with proper maintenance. Match the model to your needs for efficiency or low cost. If you need a more efficient air conditioner, or would prefer the added climate control of a 2-stage or modulating model, see our long list of central air conditioner reviews for many options.

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